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OCIV Hawaii

Waikoloa, Hawaii

Tel. 808-345-6106

Visit Hulakai @ King's Shops Waikoloa or Hilo Bayfront

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 9.30 - 9.30

Saturday: 9.30 - 9.30

Sunday: 9.30 - 9.30 

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  • Can I place an order online?
    Please check out the order form to see color choices, additions, and costs. To ensure you place in the queue, a 50% is required. Once the order form is filled out, an email will be sent on how to submit your deposit.
  • Once I place an order, how long until I can get out on the ocean?"
    It all depends on what type of canoe you are ordering, please call 808-345-6106 to get a timeline on when you can start adventuring with your new canoe. At this point in time, canoes are approximately six to eight weeks out from time of deposit. These are handcrafted canoes with precision just for you. It is worth the short wait.
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