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Outrigger paddling, as a whole, is a historical reminder that to live in Hawaii is to know and respect the ocean.  No other culture in history has such a strong and intertwined existence with the ocean.  OCIV Hawaii exemplifies this with reverence for the culture & sport, along with desire to teach others so the lifestyle, respect, and sport will continue into the future.
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OCIV Hawaii's proclivity is the ocean and Hawaiian culture.  Any day of the week, you will find one of our team members in the water surfing, paddling canoe, fishing, sailing, or any combination of ocean activities.  This passion drives our crew to make the finest canoes to suit your type of adventure.  This standard for living is imperative to our OCIV Hawaii team, as it was the way of our Hawaiian ancestors.  To honor the ocean is to honor the past, while providing for the future.


At OCIV Hawaii, we pride ourselves in excellent craftsmanship.  We only sell you a canoe we would be willing to surf the biggest waves on.  You can trust us, we surf big waves.  Maybe you want to take your keiki out in the bay, we got you and your family covered there too.  We promise you our standards are superior to others, as we are always out in the water testing the limits.  The  possibility of amazing experiences with our canoe is limitless.  When you purchase a canoe from us at OCIV Hawaii, you are not just buying a boat, you are buying into a lifestyle.  What type of adventures are awaiting for you?

Jun Balanga

OCIV Hawaii & Hulakai are founded by Jun, a local waterman who was born and raised in Hawaii. His original Hawaiian designs are proven and tested in Hawaiian waters regularly by him and the OCIV/Hulakai crew.  His passion for the ocean and Hawaiian culture is apparent in his dedication to the sport of outrigger, willingness to teach others, and the lifestyle he lives with his ohana. 

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